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3rd-6th Graders

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A Hilarious Night
A Pit Full of Problems
Andrew Finds a Bank
Captive: A Pirate Story
Falling Into the River
Hard Work is Rewarded
If You Give A Bunny A Carrot?
If You Give A Kitty A Fish
If You Give a Snake a Sour Apple
Just One More Pet?
My 1st Birthday
My Animal's Amazing Ability
My Crazy Ride
My Dog's Horrifying Tail
My Funny Brother
My Pirate Story
My Silly Kite Flying Grandpa
My Sister's First Trip To Wild Waves
One Mess of an Egg Toss
Robert Learns about His Carefree Life
Samuel Finds a Cave
Snow Cone and a Coat
Squirrel vs. Dog
Strider the Sneezing Dog
The Cereal Situation
The Funniest Movie!
The Joke War
The Lock Out
The Lost Treasure
The Pooping Guinea Pig
The Spooky, Haunted, Moaning School
The Sweet Win
The Very Funny Chicken
Toothless at the Beach
What's on the Ceiling?
Who is the Thief?
Why My Dad is Special and Unique